Comprehensive Assessment

A full assessment consists of a detailed discussion on visual needs, a refraction, monitoring aspects of ocular health, and a discussion on the options for each individual. Ongoing care means that we can monitor your findings appropriately comparing them from year to year.

Task-specific lens options

We'll chat through the layout of your office, the times that you will be using the glasses and the  the best lens design, coating and prescription for your needs. 

Navigating the options of Multifocals

Different designs with different objectives...which design is best for you?

Choosing the lens design tailor-made for your needs (be it long hours on the  computer, or in the car) is so important for your enjoyment of your glasses. Let's talk!

Frames and sunglasses options

A variety of options in styles, shapes and colours and we are happy to order in anything specific that you have in mind. Having the right frame, fitted appropriately to you makes the most out of your lenses, and gives the best comfort and function.